Aging and neurodegeneration: From molecular mechanisms to therapeutic interventions


Outeiro TF, Brocardo PS, Gelain DP


Journal of Neurochemistry


J Neurochem. 2024 Jun 22.


Protein aggregation is a common age-associated process and can be a pathological hallmark of various neurodegenerative conditions, possibly because of an age-associated decline in the activity of components of the proteostasis network. The specific molecular drivers of protein aggregation in certain cell types are not well understood, posing tremendous challenges to current research aimed at devising strategies to treat neurodegenerative diseases. This preface introduces the special issue “Aging and Neurodegeneration: from molecular mechanisms to therapeutic interventions,” featuring articles that assess the drivers of pathology in the aging cell, including oxidative stress, protein glycation/aggregation, and mitochondrial impairment.


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