A metabolically controlled contact site between vacuoles and lipid droplets in yeast


Diep DTV, Collado J, Hugenroth M, Fausten RM, Percifull L, Wälte M, Schuberth C, Schmidt O, Fernández-Busnadiego R, Bohnert M


Developmental Cell


Dev Cell. 2024 Feb 16:S1534-5807(24)00036-4.


The lipid droplet (LD) organization proteins Ldo16 and Ldo45 affect multiple aspects of LD biology in yeast. They are linked to the LD biogenesis machinery seipin, and their loss causes defects in LD positioning, protein targeting, and breakdown. However, their molecular roles remained enigmatic. Here, we report that Ldo16/45 form a tether complex with Vac8 to create vacuole lipid droplet (vCLIP) contact sites, which can form in the absence of seipin. The phosphatidylinositol transfer protein (PITP) Pdr16 is a further vCLIP-resident recruited specifically by Ldo45. While only an LD subpopulation is engaged in vCLIPs at glucose-replete conditions, nutrient deprivation results in vCLIP expansion, and vCLIP defects impair lipophagy upon prolonged starvation. In summary, Ldo16/45 are multifunctional proteins that control the formation of a metabolically regulated contact site. Our studies suggest a link between LD biogenesis and breakdown and contribute to a deeper understanding of how lipid homeostasis is maintained during metabolic challenges.


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